Star Spotting: The Wanted Chuck Deuces Up!

The Wanted chill with Elvis Duran, throw peace signs accordingly.

The Wanted¬†made a pit stop in New York City yesterday and what did they do? They threw their deuces up at radio host Elvis Duran, obvi. Yesterday afternoon, The Wanted attended a "Media Mixer Industry Event" (sounds like a résumé builder) presented by Duran at the¬†iHeartRadio Theater. In addition to dressing exceptionally well and looking impeccably coiffed (we're looking at you and your voluminous locks, Nathan), the "Glad You Came" singers showed their pal Elvis some love by all pointing at him and giving him the old "this guy!" routine.

And look, I'm really thrilled for Elvis that he's BFF with all these famous peeps and stuff, but I am kinda miffed that I wasn't invited and by the fact that this pic doesn't include me wearing a Taylor Swift-esque sundress while sitting comfortably on Max's lap. Oh, and the fact that I can't see all of Jay McGuinness' face! Not OK guys, not OK at all.

Photo credit: Getty Images

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