Star Spotting: The Wanted Would Make The Best Babysitters

The Wanted pose with a baby. The world implodes with cuteness!

The Wanted are taking a page out of the completely fictitious very official "How To Win The Hearts Of  Millions" textbook: Pose with a baby! Hey, if it can score points for politicians it can work for the British band, too. (It doesn’t hurt that their own baby faces aren’t bad to look at, either.)

The “Glad You Came” singers shared the pic on their Twitter along with the caption: "Meet Jonah. The youngest wanted fan. Cheers!" (All together now: "Awwwww!") That’s how you do it, guys -- get the youth hooked on your tunes at birth, then they're yours for life!

The fivesome recently announced their plan to dominate the U.S. with their album, Battleground (dropping April 24), but we think this adorbz photo of the group hanging with a baby pretty much seals the deal for their fame aspirations stateside. Side note: Are any of the guys even old enough to babysit?! No, really though.

Photo credit: @thewantedmusic

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