Star Spotting: The Wanted’s Jay McGuiness Got Showered With Valentines At LAX (PHOTOS)

Jay McGuiness gets some fan-made swag upon arriving at LAX Airport.
Oh, just Jay McGuiness carrying a giant pile of fan swag!

Yesterday, we pondered how The Wanted's Max George could be so OK with pushing his own suitcase (because surely someone that statuesque could hire someone to do it for him, no?). Today, we shift our focus over to another member of The Wanted, Jay McGuiness, who looks like the recipient of a giant collection of pink-colored, Valentine's-y, handmade fan swag! And Skittles... because do NOT forget the Skittles.

Check out more photos of The Wanted's Jay McGuiness getting showered with gifts after the jump.

Judging by the sheer amount of Valentine's-looking gifts in his arms, we can only assume that The Wanted's Jay McGuiness got SHOWERED with some fan gifts upon his arrival at LAX airport. From what we can tell, rabid Wanted Stans adorned the E! reality show star with cutout paper hearts (EVERYBODY wants to be Jay's Valentine -- understandable!), a pink coffee mug, and what looks like a fan-made photo collage of, well....Jay himself. (It's a portable shrine!) We also spy some Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, which we think was a FANTASTIC CHOICE. Ugh, why is it that all the celebrities get the best free stuff?! We both know that Reese's PB cups are NOT on the dollar candy shelf at the corner store. Take it all in Jay. We know we would.

Jay McGuiness gets some fan-made swag upon arriving at LAX Airport.

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

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