Star Spotting: The ‘X Factor’ Judging Posse Pose With Their Executive Producers (PHOTO)

The 'X Factor' judging gang hang with their attractive executive producers!

The gang's all here! We're usually too busy focusing on how hot Britney's judging outfits are, how cute she looks sitting next to L.A. Reid, how great a basketball coach she'd be, and how Demi Lovato actually had the guts to faceplant Simon Cowell into a giant cake to think about all that goes on behind the scenes at "The X Factor." But today, we are reminded that the success of the show is built on things aside from the attractiveness of its celebrity judges. OK, so maaaaaaybe wearing your hair like this helps, but there's still more to it.

Demi Lovato, Britney Spears, L.A. Reid and Simon Cowell all posed for a quick shot with the men that make it all happen: executive producers Andrew Llinares and Rob Wade. Not to make light of Andrew and Rob's years of experience or anything, but is anyone gonna call out that these two dudes are also basically celeb-level hot? Hot in front of and behind the scenes! That's true dedication, guys.

Photo credit: @TheXFactorUSA

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