Star Spotting: This Photo Of The Jonas Brothers In Tuxes At The Met Gala Is Everything

Ladies and gentlemen, THIS is how you wear a tux.

We know that everyone is losing their collective ish over Beyonce's see-through dress at the Met Gala last night (let us remind you she JUST had Blue Ivy), but we would also like you to consider how effing dapper the Jonas Brothers looked. Hot damn, boys. You three look like a beautifully painted landscape of shiny tuxes and perfect manbrows. Wear this every day! Also, if all my girlfriends are not yet on the Nick Jonas train, allow this photo to guide you into the station. I will go on record saying he's my all-time favorite Jonas. I said it! COME AT ME, HATERS.

We're glad to see the Bros weren't hurting too bad after they lost MTV's Battle Of The Boy Bands to Westlife yesterday. We ask you -- was Westlife anywhere to be found at the Met Gala last night? Just some food for thought.

Photo credit: Getty Images

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