Star Spotting: Three Cute Photos Of Katy Perry On A Haunted Hayride! (PHOTO)

Katy Perry looks adorbz on a haunted hayride in L.A.!

Usually we're hyperventilating on haunted hayrides, because getting scared on purpose is just something we don't handle very well. (I still can't even watch "Scream" without wetting myself.) But if we were on the same hayride as Katy Perry, we'd be hyperventilating for a whole different reason, obvs, because Katy Perry looks so beautiful it's almost scary. Also, this just in: Katy is the only person we know (of) who could make sitting on scratchy straw while wearing a plastic poncho look that glamorous.

Check out more photos of Katy Perry on a haunted hayride after the jump!

Um, we'd look like Katy too if we were on our way to being scared to death.

The "Wide Awake" singer was busy this weekend. Not only did she sing at a fundraiser for President Obama in L.A., but she was also photographed attending Griffith Park's Haunted Hayride VIP premiere! Katy even came dressed up as a successful pop star/beauty queen that wins at everything in life -- aka, herself! (Her Justin Bieber costume must have been in the laundry.) Is anyone else wondering how you can get on a star-studded hayride guest list? 'Cause we're pretty confident the after-party and goody bags would be killer. Mwuahahahahahaha. (Scary/cheesy wordplay: on the house, guys.) 

Katy gives the best "I'm laughing because I'm terrified" giggle ever!

Photo credit: John Shearer/Invision for LAHH/AP Images

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