Star Spotting: Usher Went To Disneyland In A Snakeskin Shirt

Usher in a tight, snakeskin t-shirt at Disneyland? Don't mind if I do!

A little known fact about Usher is that he's the most handsome guy on the planet and I hope to marry him one day. Just kidding, that's a widely known fact. Now another soon-to-be widely known fact: Usher is the only adult male on the planet that can roll up to Disneyland in a snakeskin shirt with a bodyguard and still look harder than a professional MMA fighter. Homeboy spent this beautiful spring Sunday taking his family to one of the most magical places on earth, and he decided to do so in a form fitting t-shirt. Raise your hand if you're mad about that... Didn't think so.

There are tons of things to appreciate about this photo and the fact that Usher is straight up mean muggin' AT DISNEYLAND, but we're just going to keep playing "Climax" over and over again and let the haters hate. Also, you're welcome for this daily dose of Usher. Should this become a regular post here at Buzzworthy? "Usher In A T-Shirt" Mondays?

Photo credit: Splash News

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