Star Spotting: Wearing Pink Pants In Miami REALLY Suits Britney Spears (PHOTO)

Britney Spears means business in these hot pink pants.

Can we just take a minute and bow down to the effortless perfection that is Britney Spears? Like, obviously she embodies effortless perfection around the clock. But in these pink pants? I'm pouring some out for everyone else who keeps it basic. Because seriously, this photo of Britney, her pants and her manager/fiancé Jason Trawick makes Godney look like she just rolled off a yacht in Cannes or something!

The "Criminal" singer and her beau were snapped leaving their hotel in Miami to meet up with the "X Factor" gang for more show tapings. While we're totally jealous of Britney's hot pink pants (and equally jealous that newly bonded BFFs Britney and stylish Demi Lovato probably exchange fashion tips on the daily), we're wondering if these on-point pink pants are acting like a sort of superhero-like costume, giving Britney the superpowers she needs to be a "sassy judge" (and all-around iconic idol). That's it. From now on, Britney's code name is "Sassy Pants." No? Lame? OK fine then. We'll just keep on calling her "Godney" like a normal Stan.


Photo credit: Splash News

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