Star Spotting: We’re Pretty Sure Rita Ora And Calvin Harris Are Officially A ‘Thing’! (PHOTO)

Rita Ora and Calvin Harris are holding hands, which means they're a couple!

New couple alert!

We'd kiiind of heard rumors that U.K. super-producer Scott Calvin (aka Calvin Harris) and Jay-Z's Roc Nation songbird Rita Ora were dating, but now we have full confirmation! Well, fine, it's not exactly full, but the two were caught holding hands and looking miiiighty datey last night while leaving a sushi restaurant in London, and if an old-fashioned hand-holding moment in this day and age doesn't say "we're official," then we don't know what does!

Truth be told, we were sort of rooting for Calvin to make it official with his "I Need Your Love" video co-star, Ellie Goulding. But we suppose if those two can't make a go of it, then the "Shine Ya Light" singer is isn't a bad choice either, because, well, remember her GORGEOUS Elle magazine cover?? Also, we don't know him personally (can that change?), but we kiiiind of get the vibe that Calvin's a total badass, so it makes perfect sense that he'd go after a lady who (gracefully) flips us the bird! Mazels, you two!

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