Star Trek Online dev discovers 2010 server hack

Account names and encrypted passwords stolen by intruder during "unauthorized access" 16 months ago; no indication credit card info taken.


Star Trek Online and City of Heroes developer Cryptic Studios has discovered a server compromise, the company reported last night. In a statement on the company's website, the firm said the "unauthorized access" occurred in December 2010 and was only just discovered recently due to the studio's "increased security analysis."

Cryptic said the hack compromised user account names, handles, and encrypted passwords. Though the passwords were encrypted, Cryptic said the hacker was able to discover "some portion" of the passwords in the database. All accounts believed to be present in the database have had their passwords reset, with affected players alerted via email.

It appears the intruder was not able to access credit card information, as Cryptic said it has "no evidence" that any additional information was stolen during the hack. Cryptic said it is continuing to investigate the matter and is also taking additional steps to bolster the security of the studio's systems.

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