Star Wars + Angry Birds = ? Mash-up or Strip-Mining of Properties?

The worse kept secret in licensing this weekend has been the coming announcement of Hasbro, Lucasfilm and Rovio all teaming upto release product for an Angry Birds/Star Wars mash-up.   Tomorrow should be the official renouncement inducing an event at the Toys R Us in Times Square.  Fortunately we have a reader on the inside and Marty was kind enough once again to send AFi this sneak peek at some of the new products including the Early Bird Angry Bird Set.

Rovio has been making every possible kind of product for Angry Birds fora little over a year and we know Lucas has never been shy on licensing Star Wars so it seems this was only a matter of time.

SWAngryBirdsTRU1 SWAngryBirdsTRU2 SWAngryBirdsTRU3 SWAngryBirdsTRu4 SWAngryBirdsTRU5 SWAngryBirdsTRU6

Thanks again to Marty for the pictures.

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