Starhawk map packs will be free

LightBox will offer free levels so as not to divide players as predecessor Warhawk did; mystery paid DLC also planned for new shooter.


Gamers won't have to reach into their wallets to pick up map packs for LightBox Interactive's new PlayStation 3-exclusive shooter Starhawk. Company president Dylan Jobe explained today on the PlayStation Blog that all forthcoming map pack downloadable content for Starhawk will be free. No mention was made concerning how many total map packs will be released during the game's lifetime.

Jobe explained that the decision to offer all Starhawk map packs for free is due to lessons learned from 2007 predecessor Warhawk. Jobe said paid map pack DLC for that game divided players, and after three expansions, the community was "pretty fractured."

Starhawk shipped today exclusively for the PlayStation 3, and LightBox is already at work on the game's first free map pack, titled Cypress. The level is set on a lush, wet world, which is home to an abandoned research center formerly responsible for investigating the properties of Rift Energy.

Though map packs for Starhawk will be free, Lightbox will also offer paid DLC for the game. Details are not available on this content at present, with Jobe commenting, "We're still playing around with what that will be."

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