Stream SWV’s New Album ‘I Missed Us’!

We missed you too, Sisters With Voices.

BRB, shaking, crying, and reconnecting with my 7-year-old self all at the same time!!! SWV, the most prolific R&B girl group of the '90s, has A NEW ALBUM and you can STREAM THE WHOLE THING right now. Not to get all throwback-y on y'all, but "Weak" pretty much defined my adolescence, and I may or may not have practiced that song approximately 80,000 times, and that practice may or may not have been for a performance with my definitely amazing a capella group. Yes, I momentarily thought that I, too, was a sister with a voice. Sue me.

Stream SWV's new album I Missed Us after the jump. 

Aptly titled I Missed Us (we missed you too, girls!), SWV's forthcoming album will be available in stores and online at Target on April 17, but we can stream the entire album exclusively on right now. The stream includes access to "Co-Sign," the girls' first single from the album which was the No. 1 most added song on Urban AC Radio. OBVIOUSLY.

In their own words, Taj, Lelee and Coko agree with us: “It’s a great feeling to be back recording together again! Something special always happens when we come together." Um, understatement of the century. It's magical, enchanting and perhaps even life-altering to hear you three sing in harmony once again. It would probably be even more life-altering if you'd consider writing a fourth harmony line for me so that I might claim my position as the long lost sister with a voice. Plus, I've got runs in "Weak" down PAT.

+ Stream SWV's new album, I Missed Us

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