T. Mills Talks Pool Parties And Celebs In Bathing Suits With Matt Toka Incubus, Ashland High, Wallpaper + More At Bamboozle (VIDEO)

T. Mills and Matt Toka talk celebrity pool parties.

We teased you last Friday when we sent you our Instagram of "Vans On" rapper T. Mills hanging out with us at Bamboozle, and we promised we had more to come. And here we are: the other side of that promise. Take a seat. Get comfy.

T. Mills put on his Simon Rex hat for the weekend and interviewed all of our favorite musicians about goofy summer stuff. Or as he put it, "silly, stupid questions." Tomatoes, to-mah-toes. In this first Bamboozle video we're bringing you, T. (aka Travis) asks everyone which celebrity would throw the best pool party. And the overwhelming answer that we heard more than a half dozen times? Diddy! As rapper Mr. MF eXquire puts it: "Even his farts are parties." True wisdom from a poignant wordsmith.

Travis also gets pretty personal with our guests, asking who everyone's hoping to see in a bathing suit this summer (or their birthday suit, either or). The answers vary widely, to say the least: The girls of Cherri Bomb seem to be big Wes Borland (Limp Bizkit) fans (no judgment), while Wallpaper.'s all up on that Ciara steeze. Kreayshawn wants to see Mark Wahlberg -- actually, "Marky Mark, not Mark Wahlberg." We cosign, Kreay.

+ Check out T. Mills chatting celeb pool parties and bathing suits with our favorite Bamboozle artists below, and peep all the photos we took this weekend in our Bamboozle 2012 Photo Gallery!

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