Taylor Swift Bikes Around Paris And Flirts With A Cute French Dude In Her ‘Begin Again’ Video (PHOTOS)

Taylor Swift flirts with an attractive french dude on the set of her "Begin Again" video.

At this point, Taylor Swift's life is just getting a little too perfect, you know? Or in sum, WE SIMPLY CANNOT TAKE THE JEALOUSY ANYMORE! Just this week alone, Taylor graced the cover of Glamour Magazine, released her charming new single "Red," and announced that she will perform at the 2012 MTV Europe Music Awards (she's been nominated five times!). And now she's gallivanting around Paris flirting with attractive French men, eating delicious french pastries, and riding a bike while filming her "Begin Again" video. We should probably just own our jealousy and move on.

Check out more photos of Taylor Swift in Paris after the jump.

While mum's the world on the "Begin Again" plotline, we're pretty sure it involves Taylor wearing red pants (FYI, her new album is called Red, get it?) while enjoying a tender moment with a stunning French man. But if we're going off of Taylor's lyrics alone, we're guessing that she might eventually have a messy breakup with her French hottie, and that the pastry and cake scenes might be the French equivalent of an American soothing their sorrows with an entire tub of Ben & Jerry's. Actually, nahhh--Taylor's probably just refueling at the pâtisserie so she can keep cycling around Paris to scope out male models. You know what? That's definitely it.

Credit all photos: Splash News

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