Taylor Swift Debuts Full Version Of ‘Eyes Open’ From ‘The Hunger Games’ Soundtrack (VIDEO)

At this point, I'm becoming immune to the pure torture that is waiting for "The Hunger Games" to come out. Aside from the fact that there are people who have already seen the damn movie, last week we were taunted by Kid Cudi's "The Ruler And The Killer" and a snippet of Taylor Swift's second "Hunger Games" contribution, "Eyes Open." Today, we've got the full version. This is killing me!

During her sold-out show in New Zealand last night, Taylor decided to debut in full the song "Eyes Open," which is slated to appear on the Hunger Games soundtrack. "You don't think I'd get in trouble if I played it now?" Tay asked her fans. "Probably not, right?" Probably not, considering you're a monster celebrity. But it's cute that you pretend you respect authority.

Listen to Taylor Swift's "Eyes Open" after the jump.

While the recorded version of "Eyes Open" has a seriously badass rock edge, Taylor's live version is stripped down and sits comfortably in the country-pop category she's known for. Seated on a beautiful couch, Tay strums her guitar as she sings about Katniss' harrowing ordeal and/or a lost childhood: "Yesterday we were just/ Children playing soldiers/ Just pretending/ Dreaming dreams with happy endings." I guess the only thing left to do is issue a warning to my friends and family to stay the eff away from me until I see this movie. I'm seriously losing my mind with anticipation.

+ Listen to Taylor Swift's "Eyes Open."

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