Taylor Swift HAS HER OWN SIGNED COPY Of ‘The Hunger Games’! (PHOTO)

Taylor Swift's SIGNED copy of "The Hunger Games!"

At this point it's like a joke how amazing Taylor Swift's life is. Let's just set aside the being-pretty and being-talented bit for a second. Instead let's first examine the fact that Taylor has not one but two songs on the The Hunger Games: Sounds from District 12 and Beyond soundtrack: "Eyes Open" and "Safe And Sound." And... AND, now Taylor Swift has a signed copy of "The Hunger Games" from author Suzanne Collins! WHOSE LIFE IS BETTER THAN THAT?!

As a thank you for "Safe & Sound," and "Eyes Open," Taylor's two contributions to "The Hunger Games" soundtrack, Suzanne Collins signed a copy of her book and penned a lovely little note to Taylor: "For Taylor, with much thanks for your beautiful songs. Let the games begin! Love, Suzanne Collins." Taylor, a huge fan of the books was just a little bit excited and immediately tweeted the news to her fans: "This just came in the mail. (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)"

... I KNOW!

A few things to point out here, the first being a quick commentary on Suzanne's lovely pen(wo)manship! The curves and swirls evoke a feminine quality, yet the imperfections show a more vulnerable and tattered side... kind of like Katniss! Not to project or whatever, but people say you can tell a lot by a person's handwriting, so sue me if I want to link the author of my favorite book to my favorite heroine! Oh and Taylor, if you're ever feeling generous, a Xeroxed copy of Suzanne's note would basically make my life and my fridge. Cool, thanks.

+ Watch Taylor Swift's "Safe And Sound" video.

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