Taylor Swift Has The PERFECT Parisian Friend Date With Hailee Steinfeld (PHOTO)

Taylor Swift Galivants Through Paris With Hailee Steinfeld.

Taylor Swift hangs out with Hailee Steinfeld in Paris! We could think of worse things...

Last time Taylor Swift went to Paris, she filmed her "Begin Again" video in a stunning sundress, flirted with a hot Frenchman, and most importantly, consumed fattening French pastries that you know she didn't gain an ounce from. Now Taylor's back in The City Of Light, only this time, she's gallivanting her way through the sites with Hailee Steinfeld! You know, the Academy Award nominee who starred in "True Grit"? And with that, let me ask you: DOES TAYLOR EVER LOSE AT LIFE? And also, DOES SHE HAVE ANY NON-FAMOUS FRIENDS?

Why was Tay in Paris, you ask? Nope, it wasn't an "I'm single and down to make out with some Frenchies" trip (though let's be honest with ourselves -- that probably happened), but rather, the "I Knew You Were Trouble." singer hopped aboard the Yachts de Paris Mirage Cruise on the Seine River to perform an intimate concert for some of her Parisian fans. And when she wasn't performing, she was tweeting about living her best life to all her tweeps: "Had the best day off in Paris, meandering around, laughing hysterically with @haileesteinfeld." Then again, can one ever not have a good day off in Paris?? I mean, the baguettes and cheese alone!

Photo credit: @TaylorSwift13

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