Taylor Swift Made A Video With Her Cat! We Can’t Handle It! (VIDEO)

Taylor hanging out with her cat Meredith.

I'm wondering -- is there some kind of best cat owner award? Because if so, I'd like to nominate Taylor Swift. We know, Tay doesn't need any more awards on her mantle, but hot damn, that is one lucky-ass cat!

Taylor is nominated for Entertainer Of The Year at the Academy of Country Music Awards (what else is new?) but unlike most other award shows, the ACMs are fan voted. In order to bribe her fans with cat cuteness inform her fans about the voting process she filmed a small video featuring... her cat Meredith! AKA the most adorable being on the planet. She tweeted: "So the Academy of Country Music Awards are coming up. Entertainer of the Year is fan voted. I made a video."

Watch Taylor Swift's ACM video featuring her cat, Meredith.

In the clip, Taylor beckons Meredith over and says: "Hey Mer. So, you’re new here, so you don’t really know this yet, but this is coming up on a really amazing thing that happens every year … the ACMs.” Meredith coos to let Tay know she's listening so Taylor moves on. "Okay, so we got nominated for Entertainer of the Year, which is huge and wonderful." Meredith looks totally engaged and supportive as Taylor continues, "And the thing about the ACMs is that it’s fan-voted... so people can go on and vote once a day starting March 19, which is awesome. All the way up until the show, which is just so cool." Mer agrees this is totally dope and confirms the sentiment with another hearty meow. Mer and Taylor go on for a few more minutes until Taylor closes with, "Good talk. Now go fetch.”

Um, dying! Seriously, who's not gonna vote for Taylor now? She made a mini movie STARRING HER CAT. Case closed.

Watch Taylor Swift explain the ACM's to her cat Meredith.

Photo credit: @taylorswift13

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