Taylor Swift To Play Joni Mitchell?

Country superstar is linked to the role in the film adaptation of Sheila Weller's book 'Girls Like Us.'
By Fallon Prinzivalli

Taylor Swift
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It turns out voicing Audrey in "The Lorax" and playing a shallow, high school cheerleader in "Valentine's Day" were just the opening roles in Taylor Swift's budding acting career. The Grammy-winning artist is linked to the role of Joni Mitchell in the film adaptation of Sheila Weller's book "Girls Like Us," Variety reports.

The biography maps the lives of three of the most influential female musicians in America: Carole King, Carly Simon and Joni Mitchell. In an attempt to capture the life of women in the 1970s, Weller tells these artists' three unique stories. King is the daughter of a middle-class New York family, living in one of the city's outer boroughs. Simon is the product of Manhattan's intellectual elite. Mitchell's grandparents were Canadian farmers.

When MTV News spoke to Swift in March, she told us acting has always "fascinated" her. The role of Mitchell sounds like a part she would want to take on.

"I love the idea that you can tell a story in that way," the singer gushed. "I've been reading scripts for about five years. In my free time, that's all I do is read scripts."

But she isn't in a rush to choose just any role. "I just want to make decisions really carefully. I think, with movies, it's really important that you have to love something so much that you cannot think about anything else," she continued. "If you're going to become someone else, that's a huge deal. That's a huge commitment, and I would want to have the time and the ability and the love for something and the love for a character to where I could really make that commitment to it."

Swift would certainly have some of the background knowledge it takes to play Mitchell, being a musician herself. While Sony Pictures has not made Swift an official offer, other actresses have already auditioned — including Alison Pill ("Midnight in Paris") — for the role of King. Variety also reported that Katie Jacobs, executive producer of "House," is directing the script penned by John Sayles, and Lorenzo di Bonaventura is set to produce. The biopic is still waiting to be green-lit, but the tentative start of production is later this year.

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