Taylor Swift Whips Out The Old Family Photos For Mother’s Day! (PHOTO)

A young Taylor Swift matches her outfit to her mom's.

We didn't even have to tell you that Taylor Swift was gonna tweet some cute-ass ish on Mother's Day, but boy, did she DELIVER. Taylor is known for posting adorable cat photos, cat videos and pics of her and her famous pals hanging out. But nothing could have prepped us for the adorable overload that was gifted to us by Taylor on Mother's Day.

In honor of the day of moms, Tay tweeted an INSANE-CUTE photo of her and her mama, Andrea, legit wearing coordinating outfits. (Velvet: a childhood classic.) Along with the pic, Taylor tweeted: "Celebrating this Mother's Day, reflecting back on past matching velvet holiday ensembles." First, Taylor, you were such a cute kid! Like, we can't even really take it. Second, you both are working those oversize white collars. Lastly, Taylor, I'll see your matching holiday ensembles and raise you two matching Mickey Mouse sweaters that my mom got us at Disney World when I was 11. Lemme know if you wanna compare embarrassing pics -- I guess the only difference is that I grew up me, and you grew up famous.

Photo Credit: @taylorswift13

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