The 6 Best Moments Of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ Hangout Fest Performance

You know you're doing it right when your audience brings fur coats to your show on a blazing-hot Alabama day, and one of your many crowd surfing excursions involves a giant inflatable killer whale.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis did a lot of things right during their hour-long headlining set at the Hangout Fest on Friday, including rocking fur in oppressively hot, hot heat and preaching the gospel of marriage equality at a beach party amongst beer, bikinis, and shirtless boys. Actually, these guys did everything right, but in the interest of brevity and your attention span, here are six of the best moments of their Hangout Fest performance. Les go!

1.) Alabama cheetah: Macklemore, who clearly has a thing for fur, asked the audience if anyone had brought some PETA-bait to his show. A hand shot up almost immediately, clutching a cheetah-print coat, which the dude promptly thrust into his girlfriend's hand as he hoisted her up to get passed to the stage. Mack wasn't looking for female companionship (he's off the market!), but he was happy to put the sweaty "Alabama Cheetah" on before busting into "Thrift Shop."

macklemore hangout

2.) Whale Watching: Later on, he hopped on top of an inflatable whale (adding more marine animals the to Shark Face Gang pen) and surfed out into the audience, just one of half a dozen times he left the stage to meet his people. Before the show's end, the stage hands would toss nearly 20 inflatable whales and dolphins into the audience, most of which got tucked under arms as unwieldy souvenirs.


3.)  Metal Mania: As if the summer fur weren't enough, Macklemore took the stage for "And We Danced" decked out in a waist-length metal mullet wig and silver and purple cape, looking like a cutting-room floor reject from a Poison video and tipping his hat to his epic hair in the 2011 party parody video.


4.) Gun Show: Sure, Macklemore got rap skills and a knack for racking up iTunes sales and video streams, but you can't deny the dude's got a flair for fitness (no wonder he stays wearing tank tops). Don't believe me? Check out those delts. You're welcome.


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5.) Blanket Statement: Again, did we mention it was really, really, really hot? But dude still wasn't afraid to rock the wool poncho.


6.) One Love: Mack gave a moving speech before "Same Love," telling his Southern fans that he believes in marriage equality and calling it "the biggest civil rights movement of our generation." Excuse us while we swoon for the rest of eternity... or until gay marriage is legalized everywhere.

+ Watch Macklemore and Ryan Lewis perform "Thrift Shop," "Can't Hold Us," "Ten Thousand Hours," "Irish Celebration" and "Same Love" at the 2013 Hangout Fest!

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