The Always Photogenic Jared Leto Makes Magic Happen In The Recording Studio (PHOTO)

Jared Leto studies dry erase boards in recording studio while looking like a model (obvs).

It's not news that Jared Leto's consistently fearless and drop-dead gorgeous in his numerous photo sessions (ask his photog BFF, Terry Richardson). But snapping a pic of most people at their workplace would capture them looking like scenes from "Office Space" IRL. Jared's candid shot, however, looks like it was taken for an effing fashion editorial. Annnd the award for most photogenic human to ever exist goes to... Jared Leto (again)!!

30 Seconds To Mars shared the photo of their lead singer sexily smoldering by (or studying -- same diff in Jared's case) dry erase boards on the band's Twitter along with the caption, "Jared Leto in the lab." And while we're pretty sure "the lab" means a recording studio where the band is currently recording their fourth album, we'd prefer to imagine it being a giant room lined with gazillions of mirrors and cameras uncontrollably going off where Jared has a safe place to practice all his FEROSH poses.

Photo credit: @30SECONDSTOMARS

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