The Buzz On: Action Bronson

Bamboozle is just around the corner, and all this week we'll be bringing you The Buzz On a few of the festival's acts so you can know before you go. Check out today's Buzz On, Action Bronson.

Few up-and-coming rappers have been as widely tipped in recent months as Action Bronson, whose rhymes are as intense and colorful as a '70s fight scene. The MC's earned attention for his on-point verses as well as his relentless flow, which recalls the laid-back intensity of Ghostface Killah. Action Bronson hails from Queens, making him the latest New York MC (A$AP Rocky, Azealia Banks) bringing the city's next generation into the rap game. With due respect to Raekwon, Bronson might be the first rapping chef: He went to culinary school at the Art Institute of New York City before scoring gigs from steakhouses to Citi Field. "No one raps about food like I do," he told Rolling Stone.

Listen to Action Bronson after the jump.

For this year's "Blue Chips" mixtape, he teamed up with producer Party Supplies for 16 oven-fresh tracks. The diverse set finds him rapping over a drum-free string section ("Pouches of Tuna"), a vintage Wu-Tang style beat ("Double Breasted") and a jazz groove ("Nordic Wind") -- and that's just for appetizers. The new collection won't be the prolific musician's only 2012 offering: He's got an album planned this summer with producer Harry Fraud dubbed Saab Stories. We're crying already. #onions

Action Bronson's appeal goes well beyond foodies: He's jumped on tracks with Das Racist's Kool AD, Bun B and Ghostface himself. Careful before you take a bite -- these tracks are hot.

+ Listen to Action Bronson, and check him out at Bamboozle May 19.

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