The Buzz On: Avion Roe

Avion Roe: amazing hair, AMAZING music.

It goes without saying that bands with tons of studio albums under their belt would do almost anything to get on the Warped Tour. But Dallas alt-rock foursome Avion Roe has only one album, The Art Of Fiction, yet they snagged a spot at the coveted gig. Deal with it, haters.

Listen to Avion Roe after the jump. 

So, this is Avion Roe. They seem as if blink-182, Fall Out Boy (RIP!) and Foo Fighters had four baby boys (suspend your disbelief), all grew up to have impeccable hair and all started a band. The boys' debut disc, The Art Of Fiction, has already won the band legions of fans due to songs like "Who I Am," which solidifies their rock status, while lead vocalist Evan Couture's vocal range and the band's penchant for emo reflection -- it's OK to be emo, everyone! -- make them the kind of band dudes you could probably introduce to your dad. And did we mention that Avion Roe's songs have already appeared on "Jersey Shore" and "Friendzone"? And, also, is it cool to bring up their hair again? Because I just did.

+ Listen to Avion Roe, and watch their "Who I Am" video.

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