The Buzz On: Big Chocolate

Bamboozle is just around the corner, and all this week we'll be bringing you The Buzz On a few of the festival's acts so you can know before you go. Check out today's Buzz On, Big Chocolate.

It's finally summer frappuccino season in L.A. (OK, yes, it's always frappuccino season in L.A.), but today we're making room for some extra mocha: the dubstep sounds of Big Chocolate, a producer/DJ whose bass hits like the Juggernaut. Like Skrillex, Big Chocolate has a background in hard rock: When he's not making beats, he's tearing it up as death metal alter-ego Disfiguring the Goddess. His social media game is on-point, too. Big Chocolate, born Cameron Argon, vlogs like Rick Ross hustles: every day. His clips keep fans up to date on everything from the latest Lil B videos to Argon getting a haircut in Seattle, and the responses are adding up -- his videos have more than 2 million views. Did we mention he's unsigned? So much hustling!

Listen to Big Chocolate after the jump.

Big Chocolate's music ranges from the quirky '80s teen movie style of "I Don't Know You" to the mellow sounds of "Treetop Toothpick," which sounds like a relaxing electronic trip through the forest before twisting into a dubstep drop. As low-end heavy as his breaks are, don't miss the drumming, which tumbles over the synths like a glass avalanche. Big Chocolate showcased his dance skills on last year's Warped Tour and on the road with Breathe Carolina, Dance Gavin Dance and more -- he's also remixed K. Flay and Bad Rabbits, among others. Don't miss him at Bamboozle -- maybe you'll make his next vlog! Dream big, you guys.

+ Listen to Big Chocolate, and check him out at Bamboozle on May 19.

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