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Get involved with up-and-coming R&B crooner Chrystian.

Columbus, Ohio, native Chrystian may be the next Usher, guys. And no, we're not exaggerating even a little. At only 19-years-old, the kid can sing, dance, write, and most importantly, he's got swagger on a million trillion. Passionate about music since early childhood, Chrystian was singing and dancing in talent shows as early as first grade. And then while the rest of us were busy drinking juice boxes and learning our multiplication tables in third grade, Chrystian was off winning his first songwriting award. It's always the mini-ballers that come out on top, isn't it?

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Cut to present day: Chrystian is poised to become the next big thing. He's already worked with top producers including Oak (Mario) and the Jackie Boyz (Jennifer Lopez, Cee-Lo), and he was also handpicked to fly to L.A. and work with platinum-selling Grammy-winning production duo Midi Mafia. (Jealousy is expected and accepted.)

Vocally, Chrystian reminds us of a mix between Chris Brown, Usher and Jason Derulo, and unsurprisingly, his records have hooks for days. Chrystian's radio-ready ballad "Something About You" not only sounds like it could be a No. 1 smash, but also it shows off Chrystian's incredibly swoon-worthy vocals: "From the moment that I wake up/ All I think about is you/ I can't fight it/ It's the truth/ ...You're the healer of my pain/ And I won't let you go away."

A dope singer, songwriter and clearly the best boyfriend ever? Where does this gal sign? If you haven't had your Chrystian fill for the week, then be on the lookout for his video "Get It In," premiering tomorrow right here on Buzzworthy!

+ Listen to Chrystian.

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