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Meet Diamond Youth. They're technically an "alt-rock" quartet, but if you ask us, their slinky-smooth sound kinda gives us Muse vibes and definitely falls more into the realm of "panty-dropping rock music." That is, if rock music could drop your panties like, say, Usher's "Climax." Moving right along... these four talented (and, let's be honest, attractive) bros seem to rarely be in the same place at the same time: though Baltimore's home, they've also got roots in Chicago (it's complicated and involves lots of frequent flyer miles, okay?), making band practice a challenge, which is where  iChat comes in. No, not in the A/S/L cyber way. Like, they actually practice online. So, they're totally the kind of musicians you could take home to mom because they could always have second careers as computer programmers should the music thing fall through -- which it won't.

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After several (thousand, we presume) three-way iChat sessions, the boys finally completed and released their highly anticipated EP, Orange, and it's getting rave reviews. Although most of the songs are firmly rooted in rock, songs like "Cannonball" and "Separator" showcase layered harmonies and a softer, more melodic side which we're sure lands them chicks 24/7 plays really well with the ladies. But don't be fooled -- there are still plenty of grimy guitar riffs to give these boys all the street cred they need. Keep an eye on Diamond Youth, guys. We call them blowing up, like, next week, which is precisely when Orange comes out.

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