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A ton of rad music and people are coming out of Chicago right now, guys. (Hometown WHAT WHAT!) One of the latest we want to clue you in: Gemini Club, an indie-electronic trio, and in our opinion, some of Chi-town's finest. Dan Brunelle, Tom Gavin and Gordon Bramli are known for their unconventional live performances -- the band has a special piece of machinery that allows them to create on-the-fly remixes of their tunes, making each and every live show different for their audience (science!). In case these guys aren't headed to a venue near you soon, we're thinking you'll dig their recorded tracks just as much.

Listen to Gemini Club after the jump.

Gemini Club's "Ghost" hit the internet early last year, and after fellow Chicago electronic outlet Hey Champ remixed the track, the dudes started gaining speed. "Ghost" reminds us of Chromeo a bit if they were performing a house party but had to keep it down for the neighbors -- it's still delightfully synth-y and dance-y, but just a tad cooled down and sexier. One of their latest tracks, "By Surprise," is what we think a hipster party that serves kale chips might sound like... if they were cool alien hipsters that lived on the moon. (Just go with it.) To put it in layman's terms, it's completely addicting.

Check out Gemini Club's upcoming EP, Here We Sit, out April 17. And if you're reading this from Austin, Texas, go see 'em out at SXSW this week.

+ Listen to Gemini Club.

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