The Buzz On: Jessie Ware

We're hopelessly devoted to soulful British singer Jessie Ware.

We've been dancing to Jessie Ware ever since the London singer lent her pipes to SBTRKT's excellent electro debut, and now she's inviting EVERYONE to join the party. Not only has the soulful chanteuse toured the world with U.K. producer and singer Jack PeƱate, but she's about to release her solo major-label debut, Devotion.

So far Devotion has garnered plenty of U.K. love: The album charted in the Top 5 and earned raves from everyone from the Guardian to the NME, who dubbed the song "110%" "simple pop beauty" and then compared her to (deep breath!) Sade, Little Dragon, and Robyn. We can see how Sade's smoove soul is a definite influence on laid-back jams like "No To Love," but we're also sensing a Radiohead-like tension bleeping and blooping beneath the beat.

Listen to Jessie Ware after the jump.

The electronic-driven Ware's not just a product of the past: She's so future-cool that even her style swagger jacks the Jetsons. (Peep her album cover UFO-bun hairdo!) But Ware's human after all: "Runnin' away, are you running to me?" she sings on "Devotion." She ceases her yearning on "Night Light," a confident, guitar-flecked track that embraces a "shadow man." Most of Jessie's tracks settle into a sexy jog, energetic enough to make out to but could also be custom-paced for late-night karaoke sessions. Someday, ScarJo's going to sing karaoke to "Running" in our imagined sequel to "Lost In Translation," and we're going. To. Die. Unless Devotion kills us first.

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