The Buzz On: Nervous Nellie

Listen to Swedish grit-rock outfit Nervous Nellie.

Nervous Nellie's synth-rock is stage fright-free.

For a band about to make its U.S. debut, Nervous Nellie doesn't sound anxious at all. The Swedish outfit borrows a hot cup of swaggering classic rock influence to pour over its flashy synth-driven hooks, a confident sound that leaves tracks such as "Gloves" sounding like Phoenix and M83 crossed with the Stones' Some Girls. On the Gloves EP, Nervous Nellie explore rapid-fire guitars ("Eaten by Bears"), a Sofia Coppola soundtrack ambiance ("Oh Sweet Berlin"), and big-hearted balladry with the fun.-size "Complicator," a track in love with a mixed-up "American girl."

Listen to Nervous Nellie after the jump.

As catchy and current as "Gloves" sounds, the band found some of its inspiration on an oldies station. "The idea for ['Gloves'] came after hearing an old Tom Petty drum pattern," singer/guitarist Henrik Jonzon told Paste. The group's also gotten love from Pigeons & Planes and Under the Radar, which cheered on the band's "charm" and "slick energy." Hopefully the band's rise will include hitting the top of its Google results -- Nervous Nellie's Jams & Jellies sound crazy delicious, but with these guys, we'll stick to jams of the sonic variety. The band's Gloves EP lands Feb. 12.

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