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We can't get enough of Ryan Star's 'Stay Awhile' video... and NOT just because of the nudity!

New York singer-songwriter Ryan Star is a complex dude. He's got a Fray-like edge to him, as evidenced by his breakthrough hit, "Breathe." But he can also pen delicate ballads, like his wistful new single "Stay Awhile," leading us to believe he's the kind of musician you can take actually take home to your moms.

Ryan just dropped his America EP, the follow-up to his 2010 11:59 album, he's toured with David Cook and the Goo Goo Dolls, and he's currently on the road with with Andy Grammer. But our first introduction to Ryan Star was when he appeared on the reality show "Rock Star: Supernova." And though he didn't win, he gained a considerable fanbase and embarked on a solo career, which leads us to the enchanting, amorous "Stay While."

The borderline NSFW video (there's a lot of almost-naked after-dark fun... and like, keep in mind, this is the newer, cleaner version!) follows the story of a young, PDA-obsessed couple in the throes of love and... other indoor sports, as they say. The video walks us though their daily activities, which involve kissing, drinking, kissing again and then driving home for an incredibly hot hookup sesh. (Note: Do not drink and drive. Ever.) Between the kissing and making do-me eyes, the video cuts to shots of Ryan looking pristine (his-tine?) in the kinda black leather jacket that every guy owns.

While we do wish that Ryan would have played a bigger role in the video, we can't be too greedy since we did get to watch some extremely realistic sex scenes. And then there's that great leather jacket. Our needs are basically fulfilled.

+ Watch Ryan Star's "Stay Awhile" video.

Photo Credit: Andrew Zaeh

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