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Get to know Armenian dancer/singer/songwriter Skye Stevens.

Take one look at Skye Stevens and you know this kid's a star and a triple threat. I say "kid" because Skye is only 18, and I say "triple threat" because this newcomer can sing, dance and write music. Born in Boston, Skye attended Orleans School of the Arts in Cape Cod. At 8, he started dancing competitively, at 10, Skye performed at the 76th Annual Macy's Day Parade on the official Macy's float, and at 17, he was part of the international touring company for the Broadway play "Miss Saigon." (See? Jealous.)

Watch Skye Stevens' "Takes All Night" video after the jump. 

Slated to (hopefully) become the first-ever Armenian pop star, Skye is already demolishing the dance charts with his first music video and single, "Takes All Night." The song recently landed the third spot on Billboard's Breakouts Chart for Hot Dance Club Play, and although it's only been live for six weeks, the video has already earned 700,000 views. Baller status.

Skye's "Takes All Night" sounds like a mix between Usher and Chris Brown with a hint of a David Guetta club beat. In the video, Skye rides around town on a bike as he follows his leading lady. The beat pumps and Skye pauses for a quick dance break, but not before he makes it clear that he's taking his chick home with him immediately: "And baby if it takes all night/ Up in this club.../ This feeling I got/ Is telling me you could be the one/ So baby, if it takes all night/ I'm taking you home." The video ends with a another dope dance break, and even though we don't quite see this duo go home together, we have a hunch that any normal girl is not gonna pass up the chance to hook up with a cute dude who can sing, dance and will probably be famous in like, five minutes. That's a catch if I've ever seen one.

+ Watch Skye Stevens' "Takes All Night" video.

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