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TOPS are bringing quirky back.

If you need more quirky guitar pop in your life (and who doesn't?!), look no further than TOPS -- a Montreal act that sounds like the adorable baby of Twin Sister, Broadcast, and the Cardigans. With a soft, synth-aided sound built around Jane Penny's gauzy upper-register vocals, TOPS are perfect for lazy Sunday mornings and romantic comedy montages. "You and me will never meet again," Penny sings on "Evening," a song that could also soundtrack a '70s Bond film -- or at least In Like Flint. The group gets sassy on "She's So Bad" and jangly jam "Turn Your Love Around," which kicks up the tempo to dance floor velocity.

Listen to TOPS after the jump.

The quartet's debut album, Tender Opposites, is out now on Arbutus Records, a label that's been home to buzz champion Grimes and fellow Montreal favorites Blue Hawaii. The stylish act's been a Nylon band crush and earned love from the Fader, with more sure to come after this week ('cause it's CMJ, wooooo!). The band's currently playing a death-defying seven shows at New York's CMJ Music Marathon, including cool-kid gigs at the Portals showcase and the Gorilla vs. Bear and Yours Truly party at experimental enclave 285 Kent. BRB, we're going to experiment with listening to "She's So Bad" another 10 times in a row.

+ Listen to TOPS.

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