The Exiled Q&A Part 2

The Exiled Q&A Part 2

By Ben Morse

In May, the Exiled crossover will run through the pages of its own one-shot prologue and into two issues apiece of JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY and NEW MUTANTS, bringing Dani Moonstar and her fringe X-Men team into an Asgardian adventure when the gods find themselves displaced in San Francisco.

Last week, we gave JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY writer Kieron Gillen free rein to ask whatever he wished of NEW MUTANTS masterminds and his Exiled comrades (no pun intended) Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning. Now, it’s payback time, as DnA team up to wrangle some answers out of that wily Gillen.

What happens when you lock three unruly Brits in an e-mail thread and allow them to let loose on comics, culture and tea? Behold…

Exiled #1 preview art by Carmine Di Giandomenico

Andy Lanning: Tea or coffee?

Kieron Gillen: Tea. My standard joke about Americans is that you went to war over Tea, and you lot don't even drink the stuff. How selfish! You weren't using it. Give us our tea!

Andy Lanning: Thing or Hulk?

Kieron Gillen: Thing, actually. He's one of the most admirable characters in the whole Marvel Universe.

Though Hulk is the strongest one there is.

Dan Abnett: Kieron, I have to ask, writing JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY, do you find yourself, involuntarily, adding ‘eth’ to the ends of words, and saying “lo” and “verily” a lot? You know, involuntarily, as you go about civilian life? Do you get up and think, “Lo, it be-eth the morning!” and then go downstairs and think, “verily, if this be mine coffee!”? And “I say thee...chocolate digestives!” I hope you do because I like the mental picture.

Kieron Gillen: Basically, yes. Whenever I'm doing characters, it leaks over. It's worse with Doom. You don't want Doom in your kitchen. Delightful Wife doesn't like dealing with Doom in the kitchen.

Andy Lanning: Star Trek or Star Wars?

Kieron Gillen: The Culture.

Andy Lanning: X-Men or Norse Gods?

Kieron Gillen: Oh, you're trying to get me fired.

Exiled #1 preview art by Carmine Di Giandomenico

Dan Abnett: From an outsider’s perspective, which is your favorite New Mutant? And which do you think is the most underused or un-developed?

Kieron Gillen: Magma is the one who seems have got the least development, at least since the re-launch. It's one reason I was glad to you guys started working that Mephisto angle with her. Her job interview was also splendid.

Andy Lanning: Oasis or Blur?

Kieron Gillen: Hnngh. Blur.

Andy Lanning: Tinky Winky or Po?

Kieron Gillen: Po is the best he/she/it is at what he/she/it does and what he/she/it does isn't pretty.

Dan Abnett: In hindsight, and from the high ground of common sense and ease of writing, was it possibly nuts to take one team book with a large cast, and cross it with a group book with a large cast, and then enchant the whole situation so that you have one team with real names and super hero names, and another with real names and then their new magical identities too? Were we just, oh, I don’t know...insane when we dreamed this up?
Kieron Gillen: Don't forget that all the bad guys have unusual accents on their name, requiring a ceremonial search and replace for the words Disir, Brun, Gondul, Kara and Hlokk at the end of the issue.
Nothing we do makes much sense, which is part of the fun of it. If we had any wisdom, we'd have gone into the sort of career they taught you about at school instead of working out awesome things for kid Asgardian gods and the next generation of young mutants to do. Sez I!

Don’t forget to pick up EXILED, JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY and NEW MUTANTS this May!

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