The Flaming Lips Could Break Jay-Z’s World Record At The OMAs (With The Help Of Yoga & Water)

The Flaming Lips are in for a VERY long night of music.

So it turns out we were way off with our guesses as to which artist might be attempting to break Jay-Z's world record of the most live shows played in 24 hours. But we're actually pretty happy about being wrong (for once), because the band that's stepping up to the plate is the inimitable Flaming Lips. I got a chance to sit down with frontman/music icon Wayne Coyne yesterday to get his thoughts on hitting the road for the O Music Awards and attempting this brave feat, and dude doesn't sound the least bit nervous.

Set for June 27, The Flaming Lips will attempt to perform eight live shows in eight different cities across the Southeast all over the course of 24 hours. According to Wayne, to prep for the grueling day, he'll ramp up his daily "yoga and tons of water" ritual to keep his stamina up. He's not too scared about attempting to beat the Guinness World Record of most live shows, but he definitely doesn't want to get on Jay-Z's bad side. Dude even mentioned the possibility of Jay-Z joining the Lips at one of their stops, but we're thinking it was more of one of Wayne's daydreams. But hey, more reason to tune in to the O Music Awards and watch the whole thing go down, right?

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