The Last of Us 1.03 patch adds Interrogation multiplayer mode

1.03 update adds general gameplay tweaks and new Interrogation mode; patch is available now.


Naughty Dog has announced the release of a 1.03 patch (via Kotaku) for The Last of Us. Major updates include general tweaks, changes to the matchmaking system, rebalancing of post-match rewards, and the addition of a new multiplayer mode called Interrogation.

The latter is described as a four-on-four, two-stage, objective-based game type where teams fight for information, leading to a safe stocked with supplies. Players must interrogate opponents to acquire five pieces of intel, which reveals a location. It's then a race to loot the cache before the other side can do the same.

Other multiplayer changes include an increase in the friendly player revival range, the opportunity to interrupt executions and interrogations in progress, and an update to the matchmaking system to better connect players of similar experience levels. Dominating an opposing team by a large margin will now also dole out a greater number of parts as rewards for winning the match. This system will also affect the new Interrogation mode. The 1.03 patch is available now.

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