The Secret World delayed two weeks

Funcom's supernatural MMO game moved back two weeks to July 3 due to "market reasons"; early access now slated to commence June 29.


Funcom's upcoming massively multiplayer online title The Secret World will be kept a secret for two additional weeks. The developer today announced on its forums that the game will miss its previously scheduled June 19 launch and will now arrive for the PC on July 3.

Funcom chalked up the delay to "market reasons," saying its new early July release date places The Secret World in a "more positive launch window." This is the third time the game has been delayed. Funcom delayed the project in 2009 for "some months," and when Electronic Arts came aboard to publish in 2011, the game was assigned an April 2012 release date, which was later bumped to June.

Early access for the game--available to those who preorder the title--will begin on June 29, Funcom said. Previously, this prerelease play period was expected to begin on June 15.

Funcom also today announced that the third beta weekend event for The Secret World will be titled Hell Raised and will run June 15-17. During this weekend, players will get to try out the Illuminati and Dragon starter experiences, as well as the Templar. Additionally, gamers will be able to trek to the Savage Coast region, where players will face off against demon hellspawn.

Lastly, Funcom took the wraps off The Secret World's final beta weekend period, which will run June 22-24. This event will center on the game's player-versus-player experience, with users able to try out the Eldorado battlefield level and the warzone game mode.

Though The Secret World will be released only for the PC on July 3, a console version has been in development since 2007. Last year, Funcom confirmed its principal focus was on the PC version of the game, but noted it was in fact still at work on a console iteration. This release of this SKU will be contingent on the success of the PC version, according to Funcom.

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