The Wanted Get Accused Of Kidnapping On ‘Punk’d’! (VIDEO)

The cops aren't too pleased with The Wanted on the latest episode of 'Punk'd.'

What better way is there to welcome The Wanted to America than by totally "punking" the ish out of them? Tyler, The Creator is the host of this week's "Punk'd", and in typical Tyler fashion, he gave the boys a jolly ol' scare by essentially getting them arrested for kidnapping (!!!).

Watch The Wanted get "Punk'd" after the jump.

Here's what went down: The boys are pulled over by some cops who seem to think that the guys had something to do with a kidnapping of a small girl. Apparently, the boys gave the girl an autograph, and shortly after, she went missing! To make matters worse, the cops eventually find the kid tucked away in the back of The Wanted's van and she swears that the band "stole" her. Stuff goes from bad to worse when the kid's father comes to the scene and decides to "press charges." Just as it looks like all The Wanted dudes are about to start crying/calling their lawyers, Tyler pops out to let them know that he just punked their asses... and punked 'em good.

In a rare twist of  "Punk'd" events, The Wanted band member Jay McGuiness was actually in on the entire joke: "The team at 'Punk'd' spoke to someone on our management team who...knew that out of the group, I enjoyed pranking the lads a lot." Band member Tom Parker added, "When you get accused of kidnapping, it's the worst feeling in your life. [I was thinking,] 'I'm going to prison for the rest of my life in America.'" Don't worry guys -- being known as kidnappers isn't actually part of your American reputation. Rather, we think you guys will forever be regarded as hot, talented and British. And maybe a tiiiny bit gullible.

+ Watch a clip of The Wanted on "Punk'd," and watch "Punk'd" Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on MTV. 

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