The Wanted Visit The Playboy Mansion, Hang With Bunnies (PHOTO)

The Wanted sneak in some QT with Playboy Bunnies!

The Wanted weren't kidding about catching some must-see sites while on tour in the U.S. So maybe making a pit stop at the Playboy Mansion isn't as common as say, a visit to Disneyland, but we ain't judging! If you were one of the most successful boy bands in the world right now (will they win our Battle Of The Boy Bands?), would you pass up the opportunity to BBQ with Bunnies? (If you said no, either you're in denial or your GF is reading this over your shoulder.)

The "Chasing The Sun" singers actually hit up Hugh Hefner's pad to celebrate bandmate Nathan Sykes' 19th birthday... not that they needed a reason. The band tried to keep the visit hush-hush, but Hugh let the bunny out of the bag when he excitedly tweeted about their visit. You know these Brits have serious swag if even lifelong bachelors freak out when they arrive.

The guys weren't that shy about the visit 'cause they shared a (PG) photo of them snuggling up with the Bunnies on their Facebook with the caption, "Dreams come with the Playboy Bunnies." So basically, if American dudes weren't already jealous of the blokes' connections with the ladies of the world, they are now. But no hard feelings, The Wanted -- U.S. bros really can't wait for you to leave are "Glad You Came."

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