The Ying Yang Twins Remixed Justin Bieber’s ‘Boyfriend,’ Obviously We’re Obsessed With It

The Ying Yang Twins remixed Justin Bieber's 'Boyfriend,' it's dope.

It's not like Justin Bieber's masterpiece "Boyfriend" even needed a remix, but I guess if we're gonna get one, then having the Ying Yang Twins do it is probably our best bet. When "Boyfriend" was first released, fans noticed comparisons to the Ying Yang Twins' song "Wait (The Whisper Song)," so the Ying posse took it upon themselves to give the tune a proper remix. Naturally, the outcome is as you'd expect it to be: pretty effing bomb.

Listen to the Ying Yang Twins' remix of Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend" after the jump. 

Admittedly, the remix doesn't completely reinvent the wheel. The Ying Yang boys left Justin's pristine vocals in tact on the hook and chorus, but they do take over Justin's rap portion adding a grown-ass adult feel to the situation: "I don't wanna be your boyfriend/ I wanna be your man/ He a little bitty boy/ I'm a grown man /I can take you overseas, Bahamas breeze.../I bet you ain't never met somebody like me." Probably true in every way, Ying Yang Twins. We're all about this new take on Justin's song...but that's mainly because it sounds the same as the original.

+ Listen to the Ying Yang Twins' remix of Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend."

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