This Photo Of Beyonce Holding Her Grammy Might Be The Most Precious Beyonce Photo Ever (PHOTO)

Beyonce looks her MOST adorable peeking into the Grammy press room with her new Grammy!

We are L-I-V-I-N-G for this photo of Beyoncé peeking around the curtain into the Grammy press room holding her BRAND-NEW GRAMMY (!!!) likes she's a five-year old nervously awaiting the glitz part of her very first pageant. You'd think someone who gave such an epic Super Bowl performance last weekend would sashay into the press room like a boss. But instead, Beyonce got super precious. We know what you're thinking: EVERYTHING Bey does is precious. But let's just all agree that this is like, the most precious-est Beyoncé moment EVER!

The "Love On Top" singer was snapped holding the Grammy she won for Best Traditional R&B Performance, and instead of stomping out from backstage while boasting "I run the world and all its wind machines" while hitting the press room, she played a demure game of peek-a-boo, as if she doubted the room was ready. We don't want to spoil it Beyonce, BUT THE WHOLE WORLD IS ALWAYS WAITING FOR YOUR ARRIVAL. Trust us.

We've got Grammy night wrapped up on MTV: Check out show highlights, Grammys photos, Grammys red carpet fashion, and get the full winners list!

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