This Strange But Wonderful Game Is Free To Claim This Week

As part of its weekly free games program, the Epic Games Store has recently been giving out pairs of games, but it looks like we're back to single-game giveaways this week and next. Starting today, there's a new PC game up for grabs, and to claim it, you just need a free Epic Games Store account. Once the game is added to your account, it's yours to keep.

Minit is the freebie for Epic users this week. The black-and-white single-player adventure is played 60 seconds at a time, as a curse repeatedly ends your character's life after just one minute. However, you'll keep all items gained--as well as knowledge of any secrets learned--during your short lifespans, which will help you progress. Along the way, you'll meet various characters that you can help as well as dangerous enemies to defeat, all in the pursuit of ending your curse.

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Released in 2018, the game earned a solid 8/10 in GameSpot's Minit review, which Alessandro Barbosa praised its well-implemented time limit, rewarding exploration, charming visuals, and intoxicating soundtrack. "Minit’s lives might only last 60 seconds, but its extremely well-thought-out world design and engrossing loop of progress make it a curse-filled adventure that is worth dying the world over for," he wrote. "Its throwback to classic visuals aren’t done for aesthetic alone, as none of its gameplay systems scream antiquity. It’s a slickly presented adventure that continually manages to surprise you with every new area you uncover or item you procure, pushing you to pick away at its seams to uncover every drop of what it has to offer."

Minit is available to claim for free now through next Thursday, October 17, when it will be replaced by Epic's next free game, Surviving Mars.

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