Tokio Hotel Wins MTV News’ Musical March Madness!

Tokio Hotel takes all in MTV News' Musical March Madness!

Hey guys, James Montgomery from MTV News. Remember that time, like three weeks ago, when I stopped by to tell you about our Musical March Madness tournament, and pointed out that, while the average Buzzworthy reader probably didn't care about it, Tokio Hotel made the cut, and since Tamar was a fan, maybe you'd do her a favor and check it out (or even vote)? Yeah, that was great, and certainly less painful than the last time I did something for this blog.

Anyway, apparently some of you (or maybe just Tamar) actually listened, because lo and behold, Tokio Hotel ended up winning the whole thing! Seriously, last night, they knocked off defending March Madness champions Green Day in the tournament finals, becoming the first international band to take home the title. In the process, they also helped set new records for MMM votes -- no lie, we got 40 million of them -- and bested a field of favorites that included the Black Keys, Mumford & Sons, Paramore and, uh, Ke$ha.

I'm not going to lie, pretty much everyone over here in News was shocked, though given the ferocity of TH's fanbase, we probably shouldn't have been. Tokio dominated from the opening round onward, and their championship is richly deserved. And, in keeping with tradition, the Musical March Madness trophy is being engraved as you read this, and we'll totally ship it out to the Kaultiz boys (and the other two dudes) later this week.

Thanks to all who voted in the tournament, or just put up with me interrupting your daily Bieber quests to discuss sports and Germanic rock bands. And just think: There's just 12 months until we get to do it all over again.

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