Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s Next Update Will Make Your Teammates Suck Less

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint is getting an update very soon, and it's focused on improving on the experience of playing with AI-controlled squadmates. As part of the game's title update 4.0.0, developer Ubisoft is changing the way that the game's AI systems work in order to give players more freedom to customize their teammates.

This AI Teammate Experience update will give the game an all-new progression loop, where players can level up their teammates. Additionally, the collective level of your crew will be measured by a new collective Team Level, which will level up as the Team XP bar increases. You can earn more Team XP by completing challenges.

As you level up your teammates, you can customize their loadouts with active and passive abilities. Additionally, you'll be able to select which teammates you want to take with you on each mission. For more information on what's coming to Breakpoint, check out Ubisoft's roadmap for the game on their website. Ghost Recon's last major update, 3.0, came out in late 2020, and it added many more customization options, as well as adding new missions to the game.

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