Total War: Warhammer 3 Gameplay Reveal Shows Off Huge Tower Defense-Infused Survival Battles

Gameplay for Total War: Warhammer III has just been revealed, and GameSpot has a new preview that shows off what you can expect from the strategy game in development at Creative Assembly.

In the video embed below, video producer Dave Jewitt gives a breakdown of the new updates coming to Warhammer III, including one of its biggest new features: Survival battles. These huge-scale fights combine elements from tower-defense modes and skirmishes into one cohesive narrative-infused war. The single-player mode features four of these capstone battles, and in between, you'll need to sufficiently outfit your army to take on increasingly challenging tactical skirmishes.

In this example, you're tasked with capturing points and then holding them against waves of enemies. To do this, you use supplies you've acquired to literally build up a fort and paths to funnel enemies through, tower defense-style. You'll also have to juggle adding buffs to your troops and making sure to recruit new ones.

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