‘Twilight’ Fans Want Kristen Stewart’s Bodyguard To Protect Them

'People now refer to Kristen Stewart's bodyguard as 'HBG,' ' co-creator of 'Kristen Stewart's Hot Bodyguard' Facebook page says.
By Kara Warner

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1"
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Full disclosure about my love for "Twilight": I don't so much love the books and movies as much as I completely and totally adore the franchise's loyal, enthusiastic, entertaining fans. Really it's their passion and dedication that keeps me interested in the whole thing as we inch closer and closer to the release of the final film, "Breaking Dawn - Part 2." That's why I've decided to dedicate this week's "Twilight" Tuesday to one of the many groups of fans with whom I've become acquainted over the last few years, Kristen Stewart's Hot Bodyguard, more specifically, the three lovely ladies who birthed the creative and entertaining concept: Lynsey Jacob, Sarah Morrill and Jennifer Kelley.

"Kristen Stewart's Hot Bodyguard" is a Facebook group dedicated to, you guessed it, Kristen Stewart's hot bodyguard. The origin of their popular group (3,000 members and growing!) can be traced to first glimpses of said bodyguard during the "Eclipse" press tour, followed by an in-person encounter at Stewart's NYC promotion for "Welcome to the Rileys," and then an excellent bit of brainstorming during a walk to the subway that begot the term "HBG" (Hot Bodyguard) and the Facebook page. Since then, the ladies have kept close tabs on their man via photos, fellow fans and making the occasional trip to a major event. (I was lucky enough to meet Jacob, Morrill and Kelley at such an event, last year's "Breaking Dawn - Part 1" premiere.)

"The goal is always to get a wave," Jacob told MTV News of the most memorable aspects of their HBG sightings. "It's exciting. Another one that always cracks me up is watching all of the tweets about HBG when there's an event going on. When he wasn't at the Kids' Choice Awards, people were freaking out. And these tweets are from around the world! Half the time it's in another language."

"I actually really enjoy making graphics and fun little [themed] pictures for the page," Morrill added. "I also designed the shirts that we made for the 'Breaking Dawn' premiere last year and have already started working on some ideas for this year's shirts and other swag. Other than that, it's always cool to see how excited the fans get when we post new pictures or videos of HBG, especially because I'm just as excited to see them as they are! We will be representing Team HBG to its fullest at the 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' premiere in L.A. in November and are excited to meet new fans and see some old ones from the premiere last year."

One thing to point out about these ladies is that they don't take themselves too seriously. Yes, they are dedicated fans, but they also just want to continue to have fun with the concept.

"When Stephenie Meyer grabbed a hold of our HBG heads on a stick and took photos with them, that was so cool," Jacobs recalled of the author embracing their "fan art" at last year's premiere. "We were always worried that people would think we were crazy instead of just creative fans, but overall, the page and the whole concept has been really well-received."

"My dream for the group is for it to continue for as long as possible, maybe even until a gray-haired HBG is beating away the paparazzi with his cane in order to protect Kristen," Morrill joked. "Truthfully, when we started this page a year and half ago, we never could have imagined what it would become. People around the world now refer to Kristen Stewart's bodyguard as "HBG." We did that. Stephenie Meyer knows who we are. Kristen mentioned our page in an article for British GQ last year. The awesome folks at MTV think we're cool. It really doesn't get much better than that! The only thing I could imagine that would put a cherry on top of this entire experience is to one day be able to change the group's profile picture to one of the three of us with Kristen and 'HBG.'

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