‘Twilight’ Star Ashley Greene Haunted By New Supernatural Flick

'Death is knocking at her door,' actress tells MTV News about her character in 'Apparition.'
By Fallon Prinzivalli

Ashley Greene in "The Apparition"
Photo: Warner Bros

This is an exciting year for actress Ashley Greene. She just shot a pilot for ABC called "Americana," which revolves around legendary fashion designer Robert Soulter. Greene plays Alice — coincidentally the same name as her "Twilight Saga" character — who joins Soulter's business. Her film "Butter," following a small town and their butter-carving contests, will be released in October.

Plus, she stars alongside Miley Cyrus in "LOL," a remake of the 2008 French comedy — not to mention the highly anticipated final "Twilight" installment, "Breaking Dawn - Part 2," in which she'll reprise her role of Alice Cullen for the final time.

Before Greene dons the cropped locks and golden contacts, she'll fight for her life to escape a supernatural presence alongside Sebastian Stan in this summer's thrilling horror flick "The Apparition."

For Summer Movie Preview Week, MTV News spoke with Greene about being haunted as opposed to haunting, the injuries she sustained on set and the scene she's most looking forward to in "Breaking Dawn - Part 2."

MTV News: What's it like to be on the other side of the haunting in "The Apparition," as opposed to playing the vampire?

Ashley Greene: I didn't think of it like that, but you're right! [My character] Kelly is very ... human. Death is knocking at her door, and she is fighting for her survival. It was a different experience than playing an — almost — indestructible character like Alice Cullen. I had to take on a lot more loss, betrayal and vulnerability when playing Kelly.

MTV News: You worked with "Harry Potter" star Tom Felton in this movie, and you've both been in huge film franchises. Do you guys talk about your experiences?

Greene: Tom's a really great, grounded guy. We did trade some stories about our experiences, out of mutual curiosity. He feels similar to the way I do: blessed, grateful and utterly in awe of our fans.

MTV News: How was the vibe on set? Did you joke around with the other actors, or was it more serious because of the content?

Greene: There were moments of both. We did have dance parties every Friday in the makeup trailer and made the most of our weekends, but there are times and days where it's a little difficult to disconnect from the character and darker scenarios.

MTV News: Did you have to do any stunts?

Greene: The stunts on this were much different then something like "Twilight." No wires, but lots of scenes requiring agility. I think I injured myself more on this film because of the intensity of the scenes. You get wrapped up and don't realize how hard you're pounding your hand or that you've hurt your ankle until the end of the scene.

MTV News: Is there CGI work involved with the spirit?

Greene: Yes, there is amazing CGI work in the film. I don't want to give too much away, but I will say the visuals are very compelling. Also, it's important to note that this film is a supernatural thriller that really keeps you guessing. The fear is built through suspense and fear of the unknown, rather than the blood or gore of a horror film.

MTV News: Have you ever felt like you had a supernatural experience?

Greene: Supposedly, my building in L.A. is haunted. One time, my dogs woke me up, barking, and my front door was open. I had set my alarm before I went to sleep that night, and it hadn't gone off. That was scary.

MTV News: How did you psych yourself up for filming those scarier and more thrilling scenes?

Greene: I just try to make the situation as real as possible. I put myself in my character's shoes and experience what she's experiencing as she's experiencing it.

MTV News: What scene are you most excited to see in "Breaking Dawn - Part 2"?

Greene: I'm excited to see the final battle scene with the Volturi. Everything has worked up to that big moment. It's action-packed, and I don't think the fans will be disappointed!

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