‘Twins’ May Find Long-Lost Triplet In Eddie Murphy

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito may reunite for 'Triplets,' the sequel to the 1988 comedy 'Twins.'
By Gil Kaufman

Eddie Murphy
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Some old movie franchises never die, they just go into the deep freeze for, oh, almost a quarter century. Case in point: "Twins." Surely you remember the hit high-concept 1988 comedy starring then-huge actor Arnold Schwarzenegger and his half-sized "brother" Danny DeVito? The goofball premise had the two stumbling through wacky adventures, with the, ahem, intellectual, physically perfect Julius (Arnold) struggling to connect with his long-lost small-time crook fraternal twin bro Vincent (DeVito) after the pair were separated at birth.

Bottom line: The movie grossed more than $200 million worldwide, and now, Universal Pictures is hoping to reboot the franchise nearly 25 years later. There is, of course, a new twist: Not only would the former California governor and the "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" star be reprising their roles, but they would find out that the mad scientists who created them also cooked up a third brother.

Cue "Triplets," with third comedic wheel Eddie Murphy. The Hollywood Reporter said no director is connected to the flick yet, but noted that original director Ivan Reitman, would be onboard as a producer through his Montecito Picture Co. banner. The backers are still looking for writers to work up a script, and while the actors are reportedly attached to star, the studios have not yet sat down to discuss the creative aspect of the project.

The film could be a boon for Murphy, who is coming off yet another box-office bomb with the long-delayed "A Thousand Words," while Schwarzenegger is still attempting to revive his acting career after two terms as California governor and a nasty split from his wife, Maria Shriver. DeVito has continued to appear in mostly under-the-radar films for the past five to six years, but has a solid hit on his hands at the moment as the voice of "The Lorax."

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