Ubisoft Will Emphasize “High-End Free-To-Play Games” More Heavily Going Forward

For at least the past decade, Ubisoft has been nearly synonymous with big-budget AAA titles that appear on store shelves for $60. But according to its latest earnings call, the publisher seems to be shifting its focus away from its traditional yearly cadence of big games and more toward free-to-play titles.

As reported by VGC, Ubisoft's chief financial officer Frederick Duguet stated in the call that the company believes that its games lineup is "increasingly diverse" and that it no longer expects to put out 3-4 "premium" AAA releases each year. Rather, it expects to invest more heavily in free-to-play titles in order to push those toward the AAA level.

He caveated that this is "purely a financial communication" and that the company will continue to put out premium titles. However, his statements reflect a significant change in Ubisoft's posture in the games industry, as players will likely no longer see the same consistent release schedule of $60 Assassin's Creed, Division, Watch Dogs, and Far Cry titles.

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